Image miners earn 65% of subscription income in nano.
This is divided daily based on (miner_images/total_images).

What do I need to mine?

To become an AI miner you will need a modern GPU with 8 GB of ram.
Sign up and click the workers tab to get started. Make sure to join us in the discord.

Income distribution

65%Development & Infrastructure
5%Model authors
Any unclaimed referral income is added to the mining pool.
Note: These are subject to change.

Nano distributed

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Ӿ9183 total

Currently mining

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Get rewarded for sharing xno.ai! You receive 5% of lifetime subscription earnings paid out daily in nano for any paid plan subscribers you recruit.

In order to start, sign up and click the social tab to get your gallery name.


Model authors receive 5% of subscription income paid out daily in nano. Your daily income is determined by (images_mined_on_your_model/total_images_mined).


xno.ai is an eco-friendly alternative to proof-of-work mining. Instead of hashing, workers use AI to generate data. Workers are awarded for their contributions. Although we use the term 'mining,' no actual mining of cryptocurrency takes place.

See the FAQ for more.